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Welcome to Renombre Cane Corso, enthusiasts, exhibitors and registered breeder of the Cane Corso since 2013. We are nestled on acreage in the picturesque Pioneer Valley near Mackay Queensland. Our Corsos enjoy the country lifestyle when not at the conformation show arena, and are a large part of our family. The Cane Corso has captured our hearts and shown us that it is truly an elite and mesmerising breed.

Large mastiff type breeds have been part of our life for over as long as we can remember. In 2011 it came to a time when we were ready to welcome home a new canine member to the family. After looking for months we just could not find the traits we were looking for, but then by chance we stumbled across this relatively new breed in Australia called the Cane Corso, the traits were our perfect fit, then BAM! the journey began. We obtained our first Cane Corso in early 2012. We continued in depth research into this magnificent breed, and found that the more we learned about the breed the more excited and passionate we became. Our journey has lead us down the path of exhibiting the Cane Corso in the conformation show arena, becoming registered breeders, meeting people within Australia and internationally with keen interests in the Cane Corso, and enjoying our dogs.

Ultimately we not only want to breed specimens that have the ability to do well in the conformation show arena, but are in great health and suitable for families or as companions. We understand the Cane Corso must fit into the specifications of the breed standard, and also understand that for a breeder to be truly happy with their productions they must be happy with the style that they produce. Renombre aims to produce a style that is Exquisite - Intuitive - Mesomorphic, these traits fit the Cane Corso standard and fit the style Renombre aspires to achieve.


renombre cane corso