Import Italy Larna At Renombre


Larna loves family attention and always keeps close by our side. She is loyal and has a strong protective instinct. Larna is dominant with females yet knows her place with the males. She has an authentic style and perfectly fits the Cane Corso standard weight for females, being 42kg.

We did not raise Larna from a pup, but was offered Larna by Guido from Famoso Cane Corso who originally imported her from Italy. We were happy for Larna to come to our home. She arrived with us here at Renombre mid-2015. Larna is direct import from Italy, she holds a premium pedigree and is was owned in Italy by the highly renowned Italian Cane Corso breeder Massimo Frascari.

Larna provides an outstanding fresh gene pool and is a proven producer of beautiful progeny. We are excited!

DOB : 24th Aug 2010

Titles : Nil

Hip : HD A

Elbow : ED 0