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Au.Ch Famoso Kyomi Medusa x USA.Ch Apex's Ice

This litter was the introductory litter for Renombre Cane Corso. The mating was carefully selected and planned with the intention of producing outstanding, healthy and beautiful cane corsos, the foundation that will reflect the future style of Renombre, exquisite - intuitive - mesomorphic. We searched worldwide for a suitable sire for our girl Medusa and selected the sire Ice where exceptional quality is being reproduced by Clay at Grand Cane Corso in the USA. Clay is an experienced and long-time ambassador of the cane corso, and we thank you Clay for your help and efforts. The dam Medusa and sire Ice are beautiful cane corsos with stellar pedigrees and hold Champion titles in their respective countries, combined with excellent health and solid temperament. The semen from Ice was frozen in Illinios USA and the mating was conceived via frozen artificial insemination in Brisbane Queensland Australia "AND IT WORKED!!" Two exquisite puppies come forth from this litter, providing great quality for the future. Both Medusa and Ice have been DNA profiled, and the pups produced hold certified DNA proof of parentage certificates.

DATE OF BIRTH : 16/12/2014.


The first two pups of Renombre Cane Corso


Bitch 1 at 5 weeks of age
Dog 1 at 5 weeks of age





The dynamic duo at 6 weeks of age


Temperament and aptitude scoring for sight sensitivity


Scoring for stability by introducing a large foreign object


Scoring for willingness to retrieve with an independent tester


Bitch 1 at 8 weeks of age
Dog 1 at 8 weeks of age





Dog 1 at 13 weeks of age
Bitch 1 at 13 weeks of age



Let the training begin


The dam Au.Ch Famoso Kyomi Medusa and the sire USA.Ch Apex's Ice


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USA.Ch Apex's Ice

Au.Ch Famoso Kyomi Medusa